Hi, aastha, I watched and listened to to your video about AGEing. AGEing is a disease is partly true. But AGEing is not all bad.

When you were born and started growing — you were aging every day and every year .

And yet you were improving with passage of time. You were growing stronger, taller ,smarter

So aging was a positive experience as long as you were growing — until the age of 18 or 20.

After you stopped growing, you started to decline slowly. Accumulation of damage in the body had overtaken growth process. And aging turned improvement into decline. In other words AGEing became a disease. And because you are talking and writing mostly to adults who experience ugly symptoms of aging — you are mostly right — for them aging is a desease. I guess very few growing children watch your videos and worry about their own AGEing.

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Hi Nicholas! Thanks for your comment. I agree with you - aging is not all bad at all! I love the fact that we (hopefully) get wiser with age, have more experiences, learn from our mistakes, enjoy more time with loved ones, have children etc. There are many positive aspects to aging as you said - growing stronger, taller, smarter.

But what if we could keep these positive aspects of aging and mitigate the negative aspects such as frailty, weakness, deterioration in health outcomes & diseases?

If we can remove the decrease the ugly symptoms of aging but keep the positive ones, I think that's remarkable! And that's what most scientists in the field and other advocates like me are talking about - let's increase healthspan and get the best worlds of Aging!

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