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Thanks - this was super helpful advice, especially since there are so many supplement brands out there; the choice paralysis is maddening. Can you also write a post maybe weighing pros/cons of taking a generic multivitamin vs specific vitamins like you have listed out here?

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Thank you, April! Yes the choice paralysis can indeed get maddening and it actually is important to pick good brands since quality matters. My brands are based on what other longevity scientists recommend and also those that have been tested for quality in labs.

On the point of taking a general multivitamin vs specific vitamins, the short of it is that I think multivitamin should be fine as long as you are getting the necessary dosage for each of the vitamins. For example, the most important would be:

1. Vitamin D: 2,000-5,000 IU

2. Fish Oil: 1,200-2,000mg

3. Zinc: 15mg

Check to see if your multivitamin has the proper dosage. Otherwise, I don’t think it makes a difference but I’ll check to see if there is any literature on that. Some people also take Athletic Greens to just get all their vitamins and minerals in one drink, but it’s a little expensive. And I haven’t checked if they contain all the needed ones or you still may have to supplement with Fish oil for example.

Hope this is helpful! :)

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Have you heard of anyone else trying NMN and it not going well? It made me feel really loopy and also very tired so I tried it at different times of the day. I tried it in the morning and it just made me so sleepy, then at noon again no good very sleepy and before dinner, made me fell high and lastly at night and it disturb my sleep or I slept really awful when taking it. Maybe it's age related I am a 55 year old female, so I have stopped taking it.

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