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Glyphosate in Food is Killing us | Stephanie Seneff

Glyphosate Toxicity & Role in Cancer, Celiac, Aging

Hi, I’m Aastha, and welcome to Live Longer World, where I write about practical longevity tips, with an emphasis on what I practice. I also interview scientists in the aging field on their research and advances in biotechnology.

This is one interview I had been looking forward to for a while.

Stephanie Seneff is the pioneer in raising concerns around glyphosate, a chemical and active ingredient in RoundUp and other pesticides, which has practically infiltrated our food system, water bodies, and soil. Glyphosate has been linked to several diseases including liver disease, autoimmunity, neurological disorders, reproductive issues, microbiome problems, and more.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff has spent 10+ years researching glyphosate’s harmful impact on our health, and documented her findings in her book Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying our Health and the Environment.

More recently, Stephanie has been doing research on deuterium (a hydrogen isotope in the body) and how glyphosate can cause an excess of deuterium, potentially leading to cancer and other health consequences.

Glyphosate is affecting each one of us. It’s worth paying attention to this toxic chemical. Topics discussed captured in the timestamps below.

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0:00 Autism in children, vaccines, glyphosate

2:30 Aluminum and fluoride in water

3:47 Glyphosate in our food and its toxicity

6:05 Celiac’s link to glyphosate

8:25 Glyphosate impacting collagen in our bodies

12:55 Soil regeneration after glyphosate

15:24 Breaking down glyphosate in our waterways

16:36 Glyphosate causing sulfate deficiency; cruciferous veggies

18:43 Sulfate powers bioelectricity in our cells; Gerald Pollack

21:23 Avoid sunscreen?

22:25 Deuterium and its toxicity

25:20 How Stephanie started looking at Deuterium

26:36 Low deuterium water good for health?

29:25 Excess deuterium causing cancer

30:52 Stephanie’s wild theory on curing cancer

35:19 What else causes increase in deuterium

35:38 Glyphosate in rain water

36:25 PSCSK9 inhibitors harmful with glyphosate

38:49 Solutions to avoid glyphosate

42:23 U.S. stopped Mexico banning glyphosate


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