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Bioelectricity in Wound Repair with Dr. Michael Levin

Interview with Dr. Min Zhao

Hi, I’m Aastha, and welcome to Live Longer World, where I write about practical longevity tips, with an emphasis on what I practice. I also interview scientists in the aging field on their research and advances in biotechnology.

Today’s interview is the second in my series with Dr. Michael Levin where we interview significant people in the history of developmental bioelectricity.

More background context on the series and links to the first episode with Dr. Richard Nuccitelli, here.

In this episode, Michael Levin and I speak with Dr. Min Zhao whose work is focused on the role of ion currents and applied electric fields in cell migration and wound repair.

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0:00 Min’s background from trauma surgery to bioelectricity

5:14 Bioelectricity in wound healing

13:51 Potential and challenges of bioelectricity in wound healing

21:40 Min’s take on Robert Becker’s work

24:53 Scientists in the field Min got inspired by

29:36 The era before Lionel Jaffe

32:39 Experiments in wound healing using bioelectricity

45:43 Min’s current explorations

Live Longer World is where I write practical longevity tips and interviews with scientists in the aging field.


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